Terms and Conditions

The following delivery and payment form and supplement the applicable law, the basis of sales or service contracts of the Sensosports GmbH. Differing conditions of the customer are only binding if they have been expressly confirmed by the company Sensosports.
1. Conclusion
The delivery and service contract is not concluded until a written confirmation of the company Sensosports.
(1) The purchase price is due immediately with the order. The prices include the legal VAT and packing a with.
(2) We deliver to addresses within Germany with UPS nationally. In EU countries we ship with UPS Service EU. Worldwide shipping is handled via the service UPS International. Note: It can not without exception, all countries are supplied! The shipping costs relate UPS international air cargo and are excl. Customs clearance!
Shipping fees are calculated as follows:
UPS national: Base price 4 Eur + 0.3 € / kg weight of the shipment. From 100 € value of goods no shipping costs! Only for shipping inside GERMANY!
UPS EU: basic rate 9 € + 1 € / kg weight of the shipment. For example. 1 SENSOBOARD: Total cost € 29
UPS international: Base price € 30 + € 5 / kg weight of the shipment. For example. 1 SENSOBOARD: Total cost € 130
Payment by cash or Paypal (info@sensosports.com):
Your payments in advance, please transfer to the following account:
Kreissparkasse Gelnhausen Kto.Nr .: 66288
BLZ: 50750094
Bank codes for bank transfers from abroad:
IBAN: DE64 5075 0094 0000 0662 88
(3) If the customer is in arrears, the seller is entitled to interest at the rate of at least 5% per annum to call on the base rate. Evidence of further damage the seller will select.
(4) Unless otherwise agreed, delivery is made by a delivery service of our choice to the customer delivery address in stock in the insured package. Information on the delivery deadline is not binding, unless the delivery date has been exceptionally agreed. The seller will endeavor to deliver the ordered goods as soon as possible. Usually delivery within 1-2 business days after payment is received, but no later than within 10 days after receipt.
(5) If the seller is supplied non-conforming by the supplier with the ordered goods, he reserves the right to provide or only in subsets. In these cases, the seller will inform the customer immediately. A possibly Purchase price paid will be refunded immediately. The seller also reserves the right to deliver goods only in small amounts.
2. guarantee

(1) The warranty period is for newly manufactured sports equipment company Sensosports two years in used, revised sports equipment one year. If the buyer is an entrepreneur, a legal entity under public law or public law special fund, the warranty period is one year.
(2) The purchaser upon delivery to check the goods for defects immediately. Obvious defects must be immediately, but at least in writing within one week after receipt of the goods the company Sensosports. If obvious defects are not, not complained in time or not in the prescribed manner so invalidates the warranty.
(3) Other defects are the company Sensosports display within a week of their information.
(4) For advertising statements or omissions in the instructions for the company Sensosports liable only to purchasers who are consumers.
(5) Minor errors that affect neither the value nor the suitability or the utility of sports equipment essential, are excluded from the warranty.
(6) The company Sensosports is entitled to subsequent performance at its discretion. This means that they will decide whether a defect or a new delivery is made. If the remedy fails, the company Sensosports is entitled to repeat the subsequent performance. Even in the case of repeated supplementary performance decides the company Sensosports between new delivery or remedy the defect.
(7) The customer is only entitled if the subsequent performance has failed repeatedly to cancel the contract and / or to claim damages. Claim for damages exists only if the company Sensosports is responsible for gross negligence or intent. The damages exists only if the company Sensosports is responsible for gross negligence or intent. The compensation is in any case limited to the negative interest. Compensation for consequential damages is excluded, unless they are based on intent.
(8) In singles, special or custom-made in conjunction with other products is generally not covered by warranty, unless that this is agreed in writing.
3. Return Policy

(1) Buyers have returned according Fernabsatzgesetz the way a product in its original packaging within 14 days. If the item is in its original state the purchase price less the payments made for sending by the buyer shipping costs will be refunded.
(2) The company Sensosports assumes no liability for shipping damage arising in the context of a return. It is therefore recommended an appropriate shipping insurance.
4. breach of duty

(1) The liability for breach of company Sensosports limited to gross negligence or willful violations.
(2) The company Sensosports no case liable for breaches of duty resulting from Services, which were in accordance with the audited by the customer drawings, artwork or patterns that are visible as production documents by the purchaser, provided. the company Sensosports not liable for the structural design and accuracy of the reproduced documents. But the company Sensosports has a duty the buyer - so far recognizably - immediately pointed to the impossibility of the technical implementation of the templates.
(3) In particular, the liability for the violation of property rights of third parties excluded from the performance of work as specified by the purchaser. There is no obligation on the part of the company Sensosports is not in respect to third parties.
5. payment

(1) Unless otherwise agreed, all invoices issued by Sensosports within 14 days date of invoice net in lossless checkout due.
(2) In case of overdue company Sensosports is entitled to interest at the rate of 5% above the base rate of the Deutsche Bundesbank and, if the purchaser is not a consumer to demand of 8% above the base rate of the Deutsche Bundesbank, the proof of a higher damage caused by delay is possible at any time.
(3) changes are not accepted Cheques performance only and subject to the credit.
(4) If the customer is in default of payment, it is free of company Sensosports to refuse further performance of the contract. Occurs a major threat to the payment claim, the company Sensosports is entitled to demand payment in advance or sufficient security. If the customer refuses payment or security, so the company Sensosports can withdraw from the contract and claim damages.
(5) Incoming payments redeem notwithstanding a contrary provision of the purchaser respectively costs, then interest and finally the principal, with several claims first respectively the elderly.
(6) If single, special or custom-made in connection with foreign products following payment conditions apply: 1/3 of the contract price at time of contract, 1/3 and 1/3 upon completion and payment terms with the definitions in point 6 (1).
6. Retention of title

(1) The delivered goods until full payment of all against the purchaser as of the date of invoice claims the firm Sensosports its property.
(2) In the case of treatment or processing of goods, the company Sensosports is the (co-) ownership in the value of the condition of the goods before processing or working at the resulting thing. A sale of the goods is permitted only in the ordinary course of business of the purchaser. If the buyer sells the conditional goods, he shall enter the date of transfer from the claim against the purchaser to the company Sensosports. The customer has to commit the purchaser to make payment within the resulting from the resale obligation to pay directly to the company Sensosports. Exceptions require the prior written agreement between the company and the customer Sensosports.
(3) In addition, disposal of reserved goods are inadmissible, in particular security or pledging.
(4) If the enforcement against the assets of the purchaser and inform the reserved goods affected, so this is the company Sensosports immediately in writing, stating all necessary data (enforcement agent, application), possibly accompanied by enforcement protocols to communicate.
(5) services that have been provided to the customer are available from the company Sensosports and the part of the plant capacity as such are not (for example, designs, drawings, tools, etc.) remain the property of the company Sensosports.
7. Performance and Jurisdiction

(1) performance and jurisdiction, also for check and bill payments, is Linsengericht, Germany.
(2) cases, where the purchaser is an entrepreneur, a legal entity under public law or public special property, jurisdiction is the seat of the office of the company Sensosports.
Sensosports GmbH
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